"Listen to the words that others can't speak; speak the words that others can't hear."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"I wanna get away..."

There's something about the Getaway Retreat every year that makes me want to become a better Christian. Everytime I go I feel myself growing more as a Catholic and a Christian.. I wonder if that happens to everyone or if it get's to a point where you've filled up with so much God-ness that you just stop growing... or maybe that's when you realize that you've gone so many times that you might as well just become a minister. ...It's a possibility okay.

This past weekend has taught me so much about myself and has helped me open up and get closer to a lot of people. I said 'love' a ton this weekend, but I mean't it so I'm okay.

The small group I taught was ridiculously quiet except for a select few. Leading them helped me become a more patient and assertive person. I had fun those kids; I only hope they did too.

Adoration was incredible as usual. There's something so moving about being in a room with so many people that believe the same thing you believe and sitting in front of Jesus himself, it's just amazing. ***Funny side story: At one point during adoration a girl started to really scream and cry, and the one thing that ran through my mind was that she was probably a mentally challenged girl who was having a hard time dealing with it all, I prayed for her as I'm sure many others did. On Sunday morning my friend asks me what it was that happened and I told her what had thought it was. She told me she thought that maybe someone had just told her that maybe her father or someone close had just died. She said that if that happened to her that's how she would cry. At that moment our friend Marissa came up to us and said "Girl, what happened to that one girl last night?! It was so scary! The first thing that came to my mind was that she was being possesed and that maybe an exorcism was happening in the room... I started to really pray my little heart out!" hahahahhaha. Okay, funny side story is over.***

I'm so grateful to have such awesome mentors in my life and so many people that are there for me no matter what...

The only problem is that everytime I get away from home I realize how incredibly happy I am when I'm not there. Then I come back and it's all back to the same routines, the same competition, and the same halfway empty hole. I'm desperately searching for something more, something better and real. I know it'll come, but I wish it'd come faster.

Writing is a form of prayer and at the moment I'm going to write until my little hand can't take it anymore. I need it.

Remember, use your talent and turn it into something wonderful; praise the Lord with whatever you've got to give Him.


  1. Oh! And I wanted to tell you that I don't think we will ever reach a place where we're done growing. God wouldn't let us get stagnant! There is too much of Himself that He's going to show you. We can't handle it all in this life, but as we follow Him we'll get more and more of a full picture and fuller relationship with Him until we're plunged into complete fullness with Him for eternity! It's so exciting! I know the more I grow up in Christ, the more I feel like a little kid -- both full of joy, AND with a lot left to learn. :)

    I'm glad you were praying your little hearts for the girl who was crying. God's presence we definitely surrounding her with so many of y'all praying!! Proud of you!