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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Their Love, Our God

     Today was the first day that Father Bradley gave the 6pm Mass at our parish, and just like all other 'first-days', it was obvious he was nervous. All in all, it was a good Mass; he speaks extra slow, but I guess it's not his speed that matters, it's the quality of what he says... right? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind long Masses whatsoever, I just get anxious when there are so many random loooooooong pauses.

Anyways, what I really wanted to write about...

     There is something about a love that two souls share that leaves me speechless; when the two souls are able to add a third without leaving anyone out... that's true beauty.

I'm not talking about polyamorous freaky stuff.

     Sitting in front of me at church tonight was a couple a bit younger than my own parents, but not by much. They held hands throughout Mass, and at one point the woman put her arm around the man's hips while he kept his tightly around her mid-back. They are obviously still very much in love. It fascinates me when people, after being married for so many years, can still keep the fire burning (or at least lit!)... How I wish my future holds a love as true! 

     When it came time to go up and receive Eucharist, in my opinion the most important part of Mass, I began to feel like their affection was a bit much and it was time to calm it down. They went up to receive God's gift to us, His son's most precious sacrifice, and we followed soon after. 

     Kneeling at our pews I watched as the couple sat down, kneeled and held each other. The man with one arm around his wife's stomach, as if protecting her entire being, the heart, and most importantly, her womb. His left arm cradled around her back and met his right hand with his fingers interlocked. 

     She laid her head softly against chest, fitting perfectly under his chin. Her arms wrapped around his body, tight but not as tight as his. She was allowing him to protect her, although neither was overbearing or showing more strength than the other. 

     Most captivating of all was the way the couple prayed together. They held each other in with such devotion and love, together looking up at their maker, praying... as one.

     I just don't know how to explain it, but I wish you would have been there because it truly was out of this world. I felt like an intruder more than anything else. Although it sounds like I was all up in their business, I promise I stayed out.

     I hope to someday share in a love like theirs; it was stupendous, majestic, crazy, sacrificial, beautiful, and holy. All that a marriage should be. 

Peace to you tonight, 


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